Sticky Chicky!

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Sticky Chicky

2 Tbsp Honey

2 Tbsp Chili Sauce

2 Tbsp Ketchup

4 Tbsp Soy Sauce

Pack of Boneless Chicken Breasts

Mix Honey, Chili Sauce, Ketchup & Soy Sauce together

  1. Make slits in chicken
  2. Marinate for at least 2 hours – I recommend overnight
  3. Bake in preheated oven at 350 degrees in a glass dish sprayed with Pam
  4. I’m not sure how long to bake it for.  I’m guessing about 30 minutes.  Mine is in the oven now and it smells AMAZING….

Serve with rice and enjoy!  Mine is ten minutes out and smells like candy….

Peace out…


Domestic Goddess Product Must Haves

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While a bunch of my friends are down the road having fun at Beer Fest, I’m turning into a domestic goddess.  I’m talking laundry, vacuuming and picking up countless toys so I don’t break an appendage.  My list is a mile long these days and I just realized I’m probably not going to paint the living room/kitchen wall Behr Appletini today.   I did a massive pickup effort on the top floor and I’m winded. What’s up with that?

So in my journey today I realized there are two tools no domestic queen can be without.  The first is the Swiffer SweeperVac.  If you have a kitchen floor, hardwood floor, anything besides carpet.  This is your go to.  I have two black labs, so the dog hair is immense.  I have tried countless mini vacs for the hardwood floors and the problem was always that they didn’t have filters you can replace.  Dog hair will gunk up a vacuum filter faster than you can say sit stay heel.  The beauty of the Swiffer SweeperVac is you can buy replacement filters in the Swiffer aisle at your favorite store without fail.  I can’t describe it better than the Swiffer people themselves”

You would think I get paid to say this

You would think I get paid to say this

“In one powerful step , Swiffer SweeperVac gets it all-big and small-in

any room of your home. It uses the Swiffer Dry Cloth to trap and lock dirt,

dust, and pet hair, and then uses a vacuum to pick up the big stuff.

Lightweight and compact, SweeperVac works around furniture and

appliances with ease, giving you a better clean than a broom and dustpan.
Swiffer SweeperVac doesn’t require any vacuum bags. The canister can be removed

with the push of a button to easily dispose of dirt, dust and larger particles.”

Also on this website you can find a $5 off coupon on the whole ensemble.  I say go now.  Run.

My other favorite product is the Oxiclean Laundry Remover Spray.  I don’t want to sound like a television commercial, but this stuff REALLY works.  Just try it.  I’ve also used it on carpet stains and it works well there.

Oxiclean Laundry Spray

Better than anything out there right now

Add these two to your shopping list!

Happy cleaning!


My Final Fall Television Update.

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There were a few shows I was unable to preview for you in the first week of the fall lineup, so here are your updates.

Mercy (Wednesday)
I wasn’t expecting to like this one. My hospital drama of choice is Grey’s Anatomy and I never even liked E. R. I figured this one would get lost in the shuffle. The reviews were sketchy citing too much “personal drama and not enough medical drama”. Well, that will suffice for me! I have seen a lot of RNs commenting on how this show doesn’t put nurses in a good light, and I’m sorry for that. To be honest, I never saw the nursing aspect of this show as more than just the job/location. This is a personal drama of people who happen to be in the medical profession. There’s adultery in the pilot and for me that’s fun. It’s fun because it isn’t my life…it’s on tv. Isn’t that what tv is for? Not every show can be the Cosby Show, y’all. I will continue to tune in…at least until I get bored or overwhelmed with the Wednesday lineup. Competing with The Biggest Loser and Glee is going to be tough. NBC is lucky I have a DVR.

Modern Family (Wednesday)
Maybe it’s because Wednesdays are packed on the tv for me. Maybe it’s because I was hoping for a more “Arrested Development” feel to the show. I don’t mind loading up the queue with a bunch of stuff, but I’m not putting money on this one. I thought it was goingto be awesome, but it wasn’t. I’m on the fence, here….

Community (Thursday)
HOW DID THIS SHOW MAKE NBC THURSDAY NIGHT!? Was it Chevy Chase? Was it that McHale guywho is really good at making fun of other people? I don’t know. It’s not doing it for me. I can’t sit and watch our “hero” (read: zero) trip over himself this girl with Transformers bar mitzvah cards saying “I’m sorry I’m an idiot”. I don’t think there’s a lot of material in that. Wait. I take that back. There WAS a lot of material in that. It was called Urkel.

Keep watching. Peace Out.

Fall Lineup Update

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Two and a Half Men (Mondays)

Mia Returns…..yowzers, Charlie.  I guess it was bound to happen, but it’s good to see him staying with Chelsea.  Will he really marry her? If CBS wants any new storylines, this wedding must proceed.  They can  only go so far on the “Bachelor Without Morals” platform.  Jake is still funny and anal retentive Alan is always a gas, but even Courtney Cox got annoying at the end of Friends with her type A…and that says a lot from this CoCo Dirt Watching gal.

The Biggest Loser (Tuesdays)

To be honest, this one is still gunking up my DVR.  Currently , Hell’s Kitchen is running at the same time and with it being at the end of the season, I’m still putting Gordon Ramsay on the top of my Tuesday night lineup.  I did try to catch up with Loser on Wednesday, but my sources were telling me that Cougar Town was so good, and I switched.  To be honest the contestants were driving me crazy.  They were whining and bitching as if they had never seen the show before.  Yes.  You will be hollered at by Jillian.  Yes.  It is going to suck trying to work all that weight off with four people topping the scales at well over 400 pounds.  This, my weight losing wannabes, is not your usual day. Look where your usual day got you.  Rinse. Lather. Repeat.  The other thing that assures I never watch this show in real time is the fact that there is maybe 45 minutes of actual programming leaving an hour and fifteen minutes of actual commercials and what I call Blatant Product Placement. This BPP goes well beyond Reese’s Pieces and Coors in E. T. and even worse than the spoof in Wayne’s World.  This is when one or both of the trainers takes some of the contestants aside and teaches them to use Ziplock bags for portioning or chew Trident gum to quench their hunger.  They are all something stupid like that.  I get it. To be honest, it is really no different than another 30 second commercial.  Therefore, watching this show on the DVR is a lot of work fast forwarding.  I wonder how many calories I burn doing that!?

Cougar Town (Wednesday)

If I haven’t said it already, this show is HILARIOUS.  Courtney Cox has hit one out of the park with this one.  It was good to see Drew Carey’s friend/girlfriend/wife come back on the small screen.  I always liked her. This will for sure get a season pass on the DVR.

Grey’s Anatomy (Thursday)

GEORGE! YOU’RE KILLING ME! I cried for the entire two hour season premiere because of the death of George O’Malley.  Meredith and McDreamy are getting on very well if I say so myself.  Rumor is that Ellen Pompeo will be gone for part of the season as she just had a baby, so we will see how that pans out.  Sounds like we will get a few McDreamy storylines out of her leave.  This baby fact brings me to Miss Izzie Stevens.  Back from the dead, she’s getting a new lease on life with her new diagnosis of living with cancer.  Katherine Heigl has just adopted a 10 month old special needs baby from Korea.  Her plan is to take some time with her.  McSteamy and Little Grey are moving in together…we will see how long that lasts with maybe-lesbian-McSteamy-ex-friend-with-benefits, Callie Torres living across the hall.  Cristina Yang and Dr. What’s His Name with post traumatic stress syndrome are heating up and her attitude is too.  This should be an awesome season now that we find out that Seattle Grace and Mercy West hospitals, both located in Shonda Rhymes fictional Seattle will be merging and downsizing is inevitable.  So can you tell this is my favorite?!

Parks and Recreation (Thursday)

Sorry Amy Poehler.  You’re off the list.  I can’t watch this anymore.  It’s no good.  Maybe Poehler should stick to what she’s really good at …writing and starring in hilarious movies and her SNL gig.  I love you Amy.  I don’t blame you and yes, we can still be friends.

Coming up for further review….


Modern Family



The Middle

I do want to make a note here that I don’t watch Dancing With The Stars, though my mother does.  Maybe I’ll show her how to get her own blog….. love you mom!

Keep watching and let me know what I’m missing out on.

Candy of the Week: Candy Corn Dots. They’re wonderful.  Just don’t try and eat a whole box.  Yes, from experience.

Peace Out

It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

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Fall Lineup time! This is my FAVORITE time of year….

This is what I’m watching so far.  As you will see, my DVR is JAM packed!


Accidentally On Purpose…this is a Jenna Elfman vehicle and I’m a big fan of hers, so I’m biased.  The network has also given us the smartassbffwithaforeignaccent to contend with.  She’s got great style and impeccable comic timing.  This show reminds me quite a bit of a certain little movie called Knocked Up.  One of my favorite parts of that movie was the guy’s smart ass friends and they are certainly here too.  So what happens is Jenna’s character dumps her sexyhotrichbossboyfriend at the top of the Eiffel tower and goes have a one night stand and WHAMMO! She’s pregnant! She’s keeping it, he’s moving in…..looks like a total chickcom, and I’m in.

Two and a Half Men.   I can’t not watch this show.  I’ve grown to love these guys whether it be new shows or reruns.  Jake’s getting older and Charlie is crazier than heck ranting about some 9/11 conspiracy theory and rumor that he IS Charlie Harper….I just like to watch train wrecks.  Don’t you?


The Biggest Loser makes me laugh, makes me cry and makes me feel guilty when I sit on the couch eating something rotten for me while watching these people work their asses off.  I love seeing the before and after pictures and love to see these average Americans turn their lives around.  It is truly inspiring.    My only beef with this show is that in a two hour episode there is maybe 45 minutes of actual content.


Mercy is the new show with the nurse just back from Iraq.   I don’t know much more, but I will keep you posted.  My DVR is recording it as we speak.

I’m also tuning into Modern Family.  This looks freaking hilarious.  I’ve seen a few previews and I’m excited.  Again, I’ll keep you posted.  Recording tonight.

I’m watching Cougar Town right now.  It’s hilarious.  Laugh out loud hilarious.  Thanks to Rebecca for making me switch over.  I’ve laughed out loud while sitting here by myself multiple times – and this is before the first commercial. I love Courtney Cox.  She’s great in this show…do you think she’ll wear orange in every outfit of every episode? Did I miss something?

Don’t forget Glee.  I had been waiting for it all summer.  Hang in there on this one…I think they’re setting us up some good storylines.  Having been a *gleek* in high school (think show choir mid westerners), I’m loving this Cop Rock/Rags to Riches format.  Apparently the Facebook community feels the same way.  This is my call for the hit of the season.


I’m sticking to my guns and watching Grey’s Anatomy.   Does 007 pull through and will Izzie recover? We don’t know. MUST TUNE IN!  Last season gave us the cliffhanger of a lifetime.  I never was a soap opera gal, but I get it now.  What’s going to happen!?  Aaaahhh!!!

Because of the magic box I call a DVR, I also get to record the usual NBC Thursday night lineup, now with a few new shows.  The Office is a given.   Pam’s pregnant and all bets are off.   I’m also going to give Parks and Recreation another chance and it’s only because I saw Baby Mama again last week and I think Amy Poehler is almost the funniest person on the planet.  If Tina Fey dies, she’s in.  Speaking of my girl, Tina, I’m 30 Rock all the way.  This phenomenon will be back on air when the SNL Weekend Update dealio is over.  Community is the newest addition to this lineup.  The Talk Soup guy, Craig Kilbourne, leads this cast with a Chevy Chase bringing up the rear.  This show has potential.  I will give it another week.  There were a few good lines and I did always love Van Wilder.

Ok…Give me some feedback! What are YOU watching? Keep me posted! Am i missing something!?

Peace Out


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Exploring A Career As A Virtual Assistant – Virtual Book Tour Stop #6

My VA colleague, Jessica Maes, has just launched her book Exploring A Career As A Virtual Assistant and she is currently on virtual tour to promote it! Jessica operates a busy Virtual Assistance practice from her home office in Madison, WI. Additionally, Jessica has taught a class at the University of Wisconsin through the Minicourse department called Exploring A Career As A Virtual Assistant since early 2009. The class has had great response based on the ever growing interest in the Virtual Assistance industry and the current job market conditions that have people exploring their career options more vigorously than ever before. Jessica wrote the book so that people beyond driving distance to the University can learn much of the same information she shares from the comfort and convenience of their own home. After all, this is a book about working virtually, so sharing the information offsite is a natural fit! You can read a free sample from the book by clicking here.

As part of this tour stop, Jessica is available to us today to answer your burning questions about the Virtual Assistance industry! Post your question by leaving a Comment below. Jessica will respond in the Comments section so be sure to check back!

To celebrate the book’s launch, Jessica has a few goodies to offer us. The first is a 20% discount off the purchase of the book. Simply use the promo code THANKYOU during check out.

The second is that one lucky reader will receive a free copy of the eBook version of the book! To be eligible to win, you simply need to post a question about Virtual Assistance in the comments section of this post. The winner will be chosen at random and announced here in a couple of days.

The book is currently available for immediate download via an eBook format and in hard copy. To purchase the book, click here.

I Digress….

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Here I am sitting in Portland after falling asleep on a really good drinking night.  Oh well.  I feel wonderful.  I promised my friend Melissa that I would be DILIGENT about my blog while I was away and that has not rung true.  Sorry Mel.  I did however knit a sweater for a 4 year old and previewed Jacqueline Mitchard’s new book , No Time To Wave Goodbye.  I am doing well.

Lessons I have learned while road tripping with two kids and Mr. Incredible for the last two weeks.

  1. Children are naturally good travelers.  It is us adults that make such a BFD about it.  I stocked up for over a month with stickers, wipe boards, markers, more stickers, DS games, new books and movies galore.  We haven’t touched half of them and we have yet to get to all of them.
  2. Hanging with other people and their kids opens doors.  Doors to new foods, new behavior (which can go either way) and new practices.  Here in Portland the girls have been in a bit of a behavioral boot camp.  This has been nice as being the mom I had given up a bit when it came to this area of parenting.  I’ve been comforted with the gentle yet commanding attitude of the Smith adults.  I think us parents need role models as much as the kids do in this situation.
  3. Vacations are expensive. We saved for nine months to do this three week road trip and everything just adds up.  I thought we even had more than enough (like Mom can go buy a new laptop when she gets home enough) and it’s proving to be just the right amount.
  4. Directions from a navigation system and/or a mobile phone are not always right.  I would STILL get directions from those you are planning to visit straight from the horses mouth.  Depending on technology as your only resource for navigation is not recommended.  I didn’t leave home without a map, but Mr. Incredible was alllll about using the iPhone as the sole instrument in determining our direction and I was not a fan.  I don’t navigate the way he wants to be navigated and well…we will just chalk that one up to a learning opportunity.
  5. I live with three extremely picky eaters.  This is annoying.  TRY SOMETHING NEW.  BRANCH OUT.  In this close study of the eating habits of my family, I realized that Mr. Incredible is an enabler and even a teacher on what to eat, not to eat and to be a pain in the ass about when it comes to food.  Although my youngest has branched out  to blueberries and buttered noodles (sic), it has been a long road when it comes to food consumption.  I would like this BS to end…and fast.
  6. When you are frolicking in the ocean, be sure to leave your iPhone and other expensive electronics somewhere that is not on your person.  Yes, I dropped my iPhone in the ocean.  I have it sitting in rice right now, which may or may not work.   It doesn’t hurt to try the soak it in rice technique.  I’m in the market for an impossibly small screwdriver and a steady hand.  Let’s see if we can get this baby back online. I’m not holding my breath, but it’s worth a try.  Thankfully I have a VERY understanding husband who just rolled his eyes and laughed a little bit when I told him.
  7. I’ve also found a jar of Baconaise here.  I”ve been looking for it for awhile and stumbled on this jar of magic while at the Fred Meyer.  I look forward to trying it. Review to follow.

Holiday Road to you from Portland.  Enjoy the rest of your August and  keep in mind….I still have 36+ hours of driving to get home.  Any ideas are welcomed with open arms.

Peace out